Saturday, March 31, 2012

Try this one technique when you have a big, daunting thing to do.

Although this is not encouragement per se, I'd like to offer a strategy I learned recently, for when you have one or several very large somethings to be accomplished.

Often, you'll read of long, involved, seven-step action plans, or whatever, but this idea is far simpler and makes a lot of sense. And it's been working in my life.

List the long-term things that need accomplishing. Here are mine, just to remove this post from the realm of the hypothetical: clean out and sell my deceased mother's house; self-publish a book I've written; be proficient at teaching via Moodle by next September.

For each one, simply write the next, logical step, and do it. Don't list the nine or thirteen steps that will need to be accomplished to arrive at the big finish. That's too daunting; you might rebel or give up, just from seeing so many darned steps. Simply write the very next step. Then do it. Then write the next and do that. Repeat 'til done.

Be well!