Thursday, December 27, 2012

Do this one thing to feel better and gear up for 2013.

Here it comes. Drumroll . . .

Simply review your accomplishments and progress in 2012.

Yup - that's it. But research shows it really helps with job satisfaction.

Unless you're in a time warp or aging backwards like a Dr. Who character, you're one year older. You are therefore wiser than you were a year ago. Even if it isn't conscious, your brain has made associations and learned from your experiences.

And, you made progress. You took your students from where they were in January to where they got to in June. Depending on your grade level and subject, they gained knowledge, developed skills, or both.

You have taken your current students from where they were in August to where they are now.

Try to think of specific gains, whether by a class or by a particular student.

You also made connections with students. Think of some of those connections.

What other progress or accomplishments did you achieve in 2012? Think of them specifically. List them on paper or computer, to feel even better and have a concrete record to view over the next few days as you prepare for the New Year.

Reviewing progress is one of the best ways to fight the daily grind. And it's an excellent thing to do with your students, who feel the grind as much or more than we do.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

"When you feel like giving up . . .

remember why you started."

I am swamped. The daily grind has gotten to me. I forget to do the things that keep me centered and grounded. The fun and novelty of September have worn out. I need to remember that the ground of what I am to be about is love: care and concern for the growth of others. It is more than just working a job, but a very important mission.

Why did you start? It is still a valid reason now. All it takes is remembering.