Sunday, October 11, 2015

How to Feel Less Stressed or Frustrated, With One Sentence

By taking a moment to slowly repeat a phrase or sentence (often called a mantra) -- even just a few times -- you can calm yourself and be mentally sharper. You can do this even during class when all the kids are at work or reading.

Like any profession ours can get stressful or frustrating. So when -- not if --
you're feeling stressed, take a moment and slow your breathing. Then, with each breath, say the following in your head:

"I am helping people grow."

If you like, you might try saying internally "I am" (a potent thought in itself) on the in-breath and "helping people grow" on the out-breath. Do this three to four times slowly, then return to the task at hand.

Simply doing any mini-meditation is helpful in and of itself. It can interrupt your body from a cycle of tension and incomplete breathing if you've fallen into one. Plus, the truth and positive message of this particular mantra can help you remember the value of your work, a factor that raises happiness long-term.  Some years I've even posted this as a sign near my desk to remind me that I'm not just putting in time or earning my daily bread.

Because, it's true. You are helping people grow. Say it one more time in your head, before we part:

"I am helping people grow."

Peace and well-being to you, colleague.