Teaching is a good job. We get to bless people directly. (Not every job does.) We fight ignorance and mean-ness. We inspire young people to be better people. We have (usually) fun people to work with.

But if you're like me, sometimes you get worn down. You could use a little re-energizing or inspiration. Well, colleague, here you go.

Who I am:
My name is Phil Lynch, a social studies educator of 25 years at Escanaba High, in Escanaba, Michigan, a community of about 15,000 people on the beautiful north shore of Lake Michigan.

Where I'm coming from (metaphorically):
It's obvious to me that what we set our minds on affects our mood and behavior. We live in a mental universe and what it's made of depends on how we're seeing the world. This is not to deny that challenges are often quite real; it's just far better to focus on the positive than negative.

So this blog is a collection of quotes, thoughts, stories, and interviews (and probably some random fun stuff) to help you stay fired-up.

Be well.